Meet the Team

Melissa Melissa

Dental Hygienist

I treasure the relationships I develop with our patients as we work together to achieve healthy smiles.  I’ve been part of the practice since 2003 and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from the University of Medicine and Dentistry and a Master’s degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Bridgeport.  I love what I do!

I offer preventive care and do my very best to keep our patients calm and relaxed.  To help our patients stay comfortable, I am licensed to administer local anesthesia and am certified to monitor nitrous oxide.  My constant focus is patient comfort and oral health.  My goal is to help each person learn to care for their smile.  Together, we will choose the right oral healthcare product specific to their individual needs.

Outside of the practice, I am an adjunct instructor in Allied Dental Education.  I currently work for Rowan College at Burlington County and Eastern International College.  I enjoy spending time with my family, preferably somewhere on the beach!


Donna Donna

Dental Hygienist

I enjoy the relationships I have developed with our patients and I look forward to seeing them at their appointments.  It’s fulfilling to know the care and education I provide contributes to their oral and overall wellness.  I have been part of the team since 2006 and hold an Associate’s degree in Dental Hygiene.

I offer a range of care from thorough and gentle dental cleanings to examining a patient’s mouth for signs of dental disease.  My passion is patient education.  I want patients to understand why it’s important to keep their mouth clean and healthy.

My husband Joe and I have been married for almost 30 years.  We have two daughters, Danielle is a personal trainer and Amanda is pursuing a doctorate degree in psychology.  In addition to spending time with my family I enjoy yoga, reading and cooking.


Kim Kim

Dental Assistant

I enjoy working closely with our patients, my coworkers, and our doctors to achieve beautiful and healthy smiles. You can see in a person’s face when we finish a procedure, that they feel and look better. That makes my day! I joined our team in 1990 and immediately knew I was in the right place. Our team is like family and we treat our patients the same way. Everyone here is kind, people-oriented, and professional.

Working in the office, I support our patients during a variety of procedures. Whether I’m offering chairside assistance to the doctors or talking with a patient about home care, I’m always attentive to the person’s comfort and needs.


Liz Liz

Dental Hygienist

I love what I do.  I enjoy seeing people improve their oral health.  It is so rewarding when people care about their mouths and put into practice all we discuss during visits.  I have an Associate's degree in Applied Science for Dental Hygiene from Middlesex County College and I utilize my knowledge of the oral cavity to improve patient dental health.  I joined the practice in 2017 and am loving the great dental family and wonderful patients.

I provide gentle dental cleanings, take diagnostic radiographs, and assist the doctor in creating individual treatment plans. I love teaching people about oral health and proper techniques to keep their smiles healthy, clean, and radiant!

I’m a newlywed and love spending time with my big, crazy family. I absolutely adore warm weather and sunny days, enjoy music, singing, and serving at my church.


Lori Lori

Office Manager, Edison Office

I enjoy greeting our patients, catching up on the lastest news about their families, and making sure each person feels comfortable and at home. I’ve been part of the practice since 1993 and value each friendship I’ve made: it’s great to know people look forward to visiting us!

In addition to welcoming patients, I review treatment plans with our patients. I handle insurance matters, to help ensure patients get the most from their benefits. Additionally, I schedule routine appointments and handle billing.

My husband Bryan and I have been married for 25 years. We have a beautiful daughter, Katelyn, who’s enjoying college life. I have a very large family who live close by, so there is always something going on and I love spending time with them.


Lorraine Lorraine


It’s a great feeling when patients arrive at our office with big smiles: they feel at home in our office and appreciate being part of our dental family.  We have a wonderful team and amazing doctors who put patient comfort at the forefront of all they do.  I joined the practice in 2008 and immediately knew I found the perfect place to work.

At the front desk, I welcome patients, schedule their appointments and assist with insurance processing and follow-up.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my many nieces and nephews.  I am involved in many activities in my community and enjoy going to Atlantic City, bingo, playing cards and love to travel.


Mary Mary

Office Manager, Marlboro Office

I enjoy the daily interactions with our patients.  I have worked with Drs. Graber and Peters since 1986, and have been very fortunate to have developed wonderful relationships with many of our patients.  It has been a pleasure to watch them grow up and see changes in their families.

I handle patient registration and scheduling.  I work closely with our patients to develop financial arrangements to fit their individual budgets.  I also help them to understand their insurance and get the most out of their benefits.

Outside of the office, I enjoy time with my family.  My husband Jerry and I have been married for over 30 years and have two wonderful children, Kelli and Bobby.  Since we live near the shore we look forward to the summer months and enjoy many of the local activities.


Meredith Meredith

Dental Hygienist

I always look forward to recall visits as that is my time to catch up with patients.  It’s always exciting to learn new changes in their lives, and what they have been doing.  I started working with Drs. Graber and Peters in 1990 as a dental assistant.  In 1994, I received an Associate’s degree in Dental Hygiene, and have been caring for the smiles of our patients ever since.

Working one-on-one with patients, I perform routine cleanings, dental scalings, apply sealants, take x-rays, and monitor our patients’ oral health.  I’m passionate about teaching patients how to care for their oral health, and support them as they make positive changes at home with their dental hygiene.

I’ve been married for 20 years and have two children.  I enjoy watching them play the sports they are involved in.  I also enjoy spending time at the beach and playing with our two dogs.


Wendy Wendy

Dental Assistant

I love meeting new people and getting to know them and their families. It’s also enjoyable to catch-up with our established patients and hear what they’ve been doing since we last saw them. I’ve been part of the practice since 1994 and am glad to be caring for many of the same families who were here when I started!

Working in our office, I prepare patients to see the doctor by explaining what will happen. I provide chairside assistance, acting as a second pair of hands for the doctor while assuring that our patients are comfortable. When the procedure’s finished, I offer home care instructions and gladly answer questions.

Outside of work most of my free time is spent with my husband and two children.